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Anything related to my volunteer work at the San Diego Museum of Man

Sunday morning walk

The days have been a bit on the warm side here in San Diego (90+), but the mornings still make for a nice walk in the scenic areas of town, such as Old Town. So enjoy a walk on a

Best spots in Balboa Park

If you happen to come to San Diego on business or just to have a good time, one of the major attractions of the city is Balboa Park. The park is what was “left over” from two world expositions, one

If you like beer…

I have on many occasions stated that the San Diego Museum of Man is the coolest museum in Southern California… and maybe the Western Hemisphere, but to proof it, I give you one more piece of evidence on YouTube: The

San Diego County Fair!

Yes! It is that time of year… the San Diego County Fair is almost ready to start up. And if that isn’t enough good news… on June 18th I will be manning the information booth for Balboa Park at the

Saw you at the Library

For those of you tracking my coming’s and going’s, you already know I was at the San Carlos Library on the 29th of May at 1:00 pm to give a talk, Balboa Park: Gem of San Diego… That information is

Where are you from?

I do like to see where you (visitors) are from, to help select content that might appeal to you. I do not collect any personal information. And the current winning visitor location is the US, with Russia and “not set”

Best Party in Town

In case you haven’t heard… the best parties in San Diego are at the San Diego Museum of Man. It is clearly a case of a museum invested in a community and providing a place where we all can just

Thank You Visitors

And a grand “Thank You!” to all the visitors to this web site. As you can see by a recent visitor count, you are spread out all over the world. I do not collect any personal information but I think

Best Guide in La Antigua, Guatemala

I am not in the habit of recommending commercial vendors, or any “for profit” businesses, but sometimes you have to break a rule or two. Last time I was in Colonial Antigua (also called La Antigua), Guatemala I was on

Best Party in Town!

Technically the Centennial Beer Tasting at the San Diego Museum of Man was an “event,” but to anyone attending, it was a party! Eight local breweries showed their wares, sausages were flying out the cookers, cakes were the best ever,

Tower of Fun!

Now that the holidays are over, we can start our search for new fun things to do… the California Tower has to top that list. The Tower is part of the San Diego Museum of Man and 125 steps up

Thank You Visitors

On this second day of the new year, I would like to thank all my friends and visitors to my blog. I do try to provide some entertainment value and information that may border on the “unusual.” I have two