Best Party in Town!

_DSC1394Technically the Centennial Beer Tasting at the San Diego Museum of Man was an “event,” but to anyone attending, it was a party! Eight local breweries showed their wares, sausages were flying out the cookers, cakes were the best ever, and not to forget the best BBQ in town. Any even those one-bite taste wonders made a showing. Between the food and the music and the dozens of beers to sample… it was a party.

And less we forget, the event was in honor of the one hundredth opening of Balboa Park (1915 Panama California Exposition), which was celebrating the opening of the Panama Canal one year earlier.

You can look forward to many more events and parties in the coming year as we celebrate our historical roots… and just have fun.


Dr. Dave (Roberts), Anthropologist, Photographer, Historian…

Dr. Dave has worked in the field of applied anthropology for over thirty-five years from a conference speaker and published author, to a field researcher… from the Caribbean, to Central and South America.

3 comments on “Best Party in Town!
  1. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for taking photos last night. Looking forward to seeing them.

  2. Val LaBore says:

    Thank you for taking the photos of us at the event. We had a great time traveling back to 1915 for this event.