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pmpBlog entry: Past Meets Present Lecture at the San Diego of Man…

How much has Balboa Park changed in the last 100 years? Dr. Dave Roberts, history buff and expert photographer, will answer that question as he shares images and stories of the park’s transformation…

Jason Alderman SketchnoteJason Alderman’s Sketchnotes of the Past Meets Present Lecture at the Museum of Man…

Sketchnotes for a talk at the San Diego Museum of Man on February 16, 2013, by Dr. David J. Roberts, Photographer, on the history of Balboa Park.

A California Tower Photo Contest Winner… Dr. Dave

“We know you love the California Tower as much as we do! So we asked our community to take an inspiring photo and share it with us for our first-ever Tower Photo Contest,” San Diego Museum of Man.

This one of the winning submissions…

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