Urban Hiking in San Diego

059_M08Red2SWYou might have guessed by now that San Diego is my home town, and I consider myself a minor tour guide of my fair city. In fact, I often give talks on and off ships about navigating the city and getting the most out of your visit.

One talk I give is Urban Hiking in San Diego and it is not about boots and backpacks, and climbing mountains in the city. Urban hiking is all about getting around quickly and cheaply, and enjoying all the sights of San Diego.

This is the first round of postings of the Urban Hiking talk that I do aboard ship, with a running commentary to make sense of it all… so enjoy my home town:

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1. What is Urban Hiking?

2. Walking from the Ship… Just a few feet from the Broadway Pier

3. Little Italy… Great ethnic neighborhood

4. Balboa Park and Zoo… World famous for a reason

5. Sea World… Your chance to jump a shark

6. Coronado… Food, fun, and sun across the bay

7. Ocean Beach… SoCal surfing and lifestyle

8. Old Town… The historic center of San Diego

9. Mission Beach… Rides on and off the waves

10. Mission Bay… Picnics and day on the bay

11. Pacific Beach… Surf, fish, play

12. La Jolla… Scenic with style

13. Point Loma… Views, lighthouse, tidepools

14. Other Spots… More sight seeing, hiking, relaxing

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