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You might have noticed that I like to take a lot of photographs, and also help out at the Museum of Man as their “in-house” photographer, for events and exhibits. While I do use good gear, it is my believe that anyone can take good photographs with a little training and practice, with just about any type of camera or even a smart phone… in fact about 40% of all photographs in the US last year were taken with a cell phone.

Sooooo… the thought behind this thread is, learning how can we take better photographs, or comment on photographs on this site.

First of all the freebies… Yes, you like free things?… everyone does. I have done a short training series for a local youth program (teenagers), and I also do the presentations while we are floating around in the ocean, with no special destination in mind.The first part is a history lesson starting with hundred pound cameras and portable laboratories… complete with mules to carry the equipment and tent. The notion is that you will appreciate your pocket size device (and maybe use it more) when you understand how far the photographic arts have come since 1839.

The second part addresses the basics, or Photography 101… what to do and what to think about while you are making your masterpieces.

So without further chatter from me, here are the two presentations:

#1 The History of Photography

#2 Beyond Average Photographs

Let me know what you think, or any stray thoughts that wander through your head, like… Empowered Women, part of the opening night festivities for an exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Man.


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