Footsteps through Time…

Slide36For those of you wondering about your ancestry and “where you came from,” the San Diego Museum of Man offers a tour on most Tuesdays of the month at 11:00 am (third Tuesday excluded). The tour Footsteps through Time is hosted by yours truly, and runs about forty-five minutes and covers most of the west gallery of the museum.

Did you know that 8% of you (your DNA) is composed of “captured” viruses?

Neanderthals didn’t go extinct. Modern Europeans carry as much as two to four percent Neanderthal DNA. And 40% of the Neanderthal genome is represented in modern populations… they are us.

Recent paleo-archaeological finds indicate that tool making preceded the genus Homo by hundreds of thousands of years.

So come on down and meet Mbongo and Lucy, and some distant relatives.

And here is a map of Balboa Park, San Diego… #7 is the Museum of Man.

BTW: While you are at the Museum of Man, sign up for the Tower Climb Tour… a 125+ step climb into history and one of the best views of the park.


Dr. Dave (Roberts), Anthropologist, Photographer, Historian…

Dr. Dave has worked in the field of applied anthropology for over thirty-five years from a conference speaker and published author, to a field researcher… from the Caribbean, to Central and South America.